• Silky hair
  • Frizz resilient hair
  • Healthy flow and shine
  • Reduces curl leaving a beautiful wave
  • Smoothes course gray hair
  • Humidity resistance
  • Lasts up to 4 months

Previously only available in Southern America, Miami and LA, the Keratin Treatment is incredibly successful in improving the texture, look and feel of the hair by infusing keratin (the protein building block of hair) into each strand.

Not only is the Keratin treatment safe for previously-straightened, permed, relaxed or color-treated hair, the procedure has proven to me more effective under these conditions. In other words, the more damaged your hair is, the better it works.

The average treatment lasts one and a half to two hours (depending on the length of the hair). Hours shorter and hundreds of dollars less than the Japanese Straightener craze. The results of this treatment are amazing.

The Keratin Treatment has proven to be a healthier procedure than natural relaxers. Because this treatment is infused in the hair, it fades over a period of months leaving no line of demarcation. The treatment also lasts and works better with every consecutive application.